Villa Armonia Tarara Havana

Villa Armonia Tarara Havana resort

Calle 8 Y 1ra Tarara, Playas del Este, Havana, Cuba

Villa Armonia Tarara Havana Reviews Beautiful beach, Yacht Marina and Entertainment, close enough to Havana for an 80/20 vacation favoring the beach but seeing the city’s sights.

The Villa Armonia Tarara Havana complex is located right next to the Tarara yacht marina and the beach also named Tarara. Technically the start of Playas del Este, the Villa Armonia Tarara Havana is perfect for unwinding and taking advantage of the immense grounds, beach and crystal clear seas. Being located in eastern Havana the Villa Armonia Tarara Havana is jusy a 15-minute drive from downtown Havana and the Old Havana Colonial quarters of the city.

Villa Armonia Tarara Havana beach

The resort offers individual bungalow villas and also standard rooms in the hotel building. Nightlife in Tarara is excellent due to the extremely popular Tarara discotheque which is frequented by residents of Havana, especially at weekends.

Villa Armonia Tarara Havana

During the daytime, guests at Villa Armonia Tarara Havana can sample the many nautical offers available like Catamarans, Canoes, scuba diving and snorkeling. Chilling on the beautiful palm lined beach is also an option for the less active.

 Villa Armonia Tarara Havana pool

Overall Villa Armonia Tarara Havana is unique vacation spot because it embraces the beach, has immense lush grounds, is bordered by the yacht marina and yacht club and is just minutes from downtown Havana.

Villa Armonia Tarara Havana rooms

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