Habana Riviera

Hotel Habana Riviera

Paseo Y Malecon, Vedado, Havana, Cuba

Hotel Habana Riviera Reviews 50s style, famous past guests, Copa Room Club, big pool, Havana Sea front location

Hotel Habana Riviera offers an excellent location right on the famous Malecon Habana, Havana’s popular boardwalk and thus provides amazing sea views and panoramic views of the City from higher floors of the Hotel. The Hotel Riviera´s main attributes are the staff who have been working at the Riviera a very long time, making for a mostly perfect hotel/guest relationship.

Hotel Habana Riviera Malecon

The Riviera Hotel is situated at the mouth of the Almendares River and was part of a 1956 Meyer Lansky´s vision of Habana and was, at the time, called the “The Riviera of the Caribbean”. A modern oasis for the 1950s, the Hotel Habana Riviera was created to attract the famous celebrities of the day, laureate poets, celebrity dancers, renowned painters, Hollywood actors, notable writers, ambassadors, officials and even presidents. Today the hotel offers a “back in time” feel that can only be savored at a hotel of this era. Right across the street from the Hotel Cohiba, The Riviera Habana offers a 4star economic stay in the exact same location with true 50s heritage.

Hotel Habana Riviera

Great views of the Caribbean Sea from the Riviera Habana, with its romantic Malecon seafront promenade right in the heart of the capital in the Vedado residential zone of the city but just 5 minutes from Old Havana and the Colonial Havana attractions make this hotel a perfect destination for visitors to Havana who prefer a larger hotel with more amenities than the tiny old Havana properties.

The Riviera Habana´s architecture offers an eastern atmosphere of rare exoticism and 50s novelty. Famous celebrities have danced at its famous Copa Cabaret like; dancer Ginger Rogers, diva Jean Fenn and comedians Abbot and Costello.

Hotel Habana Riviera lobby

The Habana Riviera Copa Cabaret Room brings you Cuba Salsa music with Rumba on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays and, live bands on Fridays. Finally a delightful Havana ‘50s show on Wednesdays to mark the birthdate of the historic Hotel Riviera Habana.

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